Desmo Ride #11

13.10.2019 _ The last ride of the season

36 riders participated to our last Desmo Ride of the season 2019!
We managed to stay in one group during the all ride, it was an amazing feeling. 


Schäftlarn, Königsdorf, Bad Tölz, Lenggries, Sylvensteinspeicher, Achensee (Pause), Kreuth, Tegernsee, Warngau, München


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You can download the navi file on Calimoto with the link below.
Calimoto / Desmo Ride #11

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  • Start Ducati München 9:45
  • Distanz: ca. 210km
  • Fahrzeit: ca. 3St 40Min, ohne Pausen
  • Erstellt am .